I’ve been in love with photographY Since the early Age of 12 0r 13.

It has been one of those things that I have always gravitated towards. I love the level of preparation that happens before that shot is taken. Other times it will be simply just catching that special moment. That moment could be a hug, a smile, kiss, laughter, joy and sometimes even the sorrows of life.

Whenever I went into department stores as a young man, would always visit the electronic department to browse the latest gadgets. Cameras were always top on my list, from the instant Polaroid camera to high end cameras. Back then my parents or I couldn’t afford a camera so I did the next best thing! I purchased disposable cameras and had fine retailers develop the pictures. That’s I got started!

In my free time I enjoy going to church, bicycle riding, skating, taking pictures, scrapbooking, dancing, helping others, reading, learning, and sometimes just stopping and doing nothing!